Growth model

MetaSoccer will acquire users with different strategies:

Press releases

MetaSoccer is ambitious and innovative enough to generate articles and mentions in specialized media and social media. We are closing deals with media agencies to launch a first batch of press notes that will help us find our first early adopters.

In addition, Champion Games, the company behind MetaSoccer, has a Soccer Fantasy game (BeManager) with over 1M users that we will use to drive MetaSoccer's initial growth.

Community & Referrals

As a community centered game, a growth lever will be the virality generated by early adopters. We will encourage k-factor by offering Token referrals to users who bring us new users.

Influencers marketing

We will partner with YouTube influencers with massive follow and high profiles considered to be key opinion leaders in their areas of focus (gaming, crypto and soccer)


Airdrop campaigns will be set in order to incentivize our community at the beginning of the project.

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