Further expansion

Team sponsorships & Player wages

For higher divisions, teams could generate daily passive income for sponsorships and merchandise. The amount that would be paid would be directly related to the popularity of the team. The popularity value could be calculated based on your recent results, the division in which you compete, competitions you have won and the players your team has.

To counter the excessive generation of Token, Token could be burned by paying wages to players. The amount of salary per player would be related to their quality. This mechanic would only be active in the upper divisions.

Streaming & Live betting

MetaSoccer will provide 2D (and 3D in the future) real-time simulations of matches. We want to stream top divisional matches on streaming platforms like Twitch. This would create the opportunity to offer users real-time betting, generating a new revenue stream.

New gameplay experiences with $MSU rewards

In addition to match simulations, alternative gameplays can be added where the user would take control of the game and players (EA Sports FIFA type). This type of gameplay would not necessarily be developed by us, but we could reach agreements with other video game studios to use the assets of the MetaSoccer universe. These new gameplays could be coupled with the Play to Earn mechanics of the universe.

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