Youth Scouts

Youth Scouts are a fundamental pillar of the game; the introduction of new players to the MetaSoccer universe depends on them (known as Scouting), as a general rule, no player will be incorporated into the game without having been previously discovered by a scout.


Each Youth Scout has specific skills. The characteristics that make up a Youth Scout are as follows:


The age of the Youth Scout. New Youth Scouts joining your team will start between the ages of 25 and 30.
Youth Scouts will retire at age 65 and may not serve in any additional capacity.


Is the club to which a Youth Scout belongs.

Mentorships done

Mentoring is the ability of the scouts to find and form new Youth Scouts that will join your club. This attribute represents the number of mentorships that a Youth Scout has done to date. You can see more information in the Mentoring section:


Expertise has a direct consequence on the position of the players a scout will encounter during a Scouting activity. It is divided into three main categories, Role, Specific Role and Player Special Ability.


A Youth Scout can have four different roles:
  • Goalkeeper
  • Defender
  • Midfielder
  • Forward
Players found by Scouts will have the same role, ensuring that all those players have optimized and higher attributes from the scouts’ knowledge.

Specific Role

There are 17 specific roles that correspond to the players’ primary positions on the field, namely:
Specific Role
Goalkeeper (GK)
Right Wing-Back (RWB)
Right Back (RB)
Center Back (CB)
Left Back (LB)
Left Wing-Back (LWB)
Central Defensive Midfielder (CDM)
Center Midfielder (CM)
Right Midfielder (RM)
Left Midfielder (LM)
Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM)
Right Winger (RW)
Left Winger (LW)
Right Forward (RF)
Center Forward (CF)
Left Forward (LF)
Striker (ST)
Some scouts may have a specific role, in addition to the primary role. If the scout has any specific role, there is a 100% probability that at least one player from Scouting will have the same specific role.
Player Special ability
They can also be experts in finding players with a Special Ability, in this case, enhancing the search for players who have that special ability. There are 17 available special Abilities, detailed in the Players section.

Scout Special abilities

Some scouts can also be experts in some domains that greatly improve their performance as a scout.
These Scout Special Skills are:
  • Motivational leader: Accelerate the improving speed of any scout working with him. Impact: +10% pace in improving for all scouts working with him. (maxim +50% if more than one leader)
This ability will be inactive until a new learning feature will be in place.
  • Extra motivated: Impact: +50% in his improving when learning.
  • Mentoring star: Accelerate the mentoring process. Impact: +50% pace in mentoring process.
  • Master of relations: With the contact network, accelerates the scouting process. Impact: -50% time in the scouting process.
  • Youth specialist: He can detect younger players. Impact: 50% probability of finding players from 14 to 15 age.
  • Scouting expert: 20% extra probability of getting special abilities in found players.
  • Developed players: find players who are closer to the maximum potential (60%-70% of their potential).


The knowledge of a scout has a direct impact on the characteristics of the players he will be able to find in the Scouting.
It is divided into five different areas, each with its own value, that is also connected to the role of the scout, namely:
  • Defending: With a value between 1 and 99
  • Attacking: With a value between 1 and 99
  • Goalkeeping: With a value between 1 and 99
  • Physical: With a value between 1 and 99
  • Mental: With a value between 1 and 99
For every scout role, some knowledge skills are more valuable than others:
Full list:

Overall Knowledge

The overall knowledge is obtained through a formula that takes into account his four main knowledge areas:
OverallKnowledgeSkill=0.7K1+0.2K2+0.05K3+0.05K4OverallKnowledge Skill = 0.7 * K_1+0.2*K_2+0.05*K_3+0.05*K_4
K1,K2,K3K_1, K_2, K_3
are first, second, third, and fourth knowledge.
There are 6 different ranges of overall knowledge:
  • 40 - 49
  • 50 - 59
  • 60 - 69
  • 70 - 79
  • 80 - 89
  • 90 - 99
The range in which a scout is gives a general overview of how good he is at finding players, and has a direct impact on the Scouting, changing its price, number of players found and their potential abilities. Scouts with different overalls will have different results on their scouting. Depending on the Scout Overall, a scout receives a different number of players. Also, the player found will have a potential related to the Overall of the Scout. If the Scout has an Overall of 65, players found will have a potential close to this value.
Knowledge will improve after each Scouting. You can view more information about Scouting by clicking below.


Youth scouts will improve their knowledge skills after Scouting, according to the importance of the knowledge to their role.
The learning process will be implemented in the future and continuously improved to make it easier.