Training is designed to improve the skills of your team in the following areas:

  • Attack

  • Defense

  • Mental & Physical

To create a training session for your players, the first thing you need to do is create a drill. You may create different drills, which focus on specific abilities like shooting, heading or dribbling, among others. The three abilities that appear on the first line are the more focused training, while the others are secondary.

You’ll pick one of the three categories and then a specific drill from that category, among the ones available. Once you do this, you’ll be able to see a decrease in the players’ condition after the training as well as the abilities that will be improved.

After selecting the categories and drills, it’s time to select the players to be trained. The number of players that are able to participate will depend on the drill you chose — some of them allow more players, other less, but the maximum is five. You can filter your players by role, so it’s easier for you to find the ones you want to train.

Now your drill is created. You have the option to edit it: change players you selected, create another drill, or start training by pressing the corresponding button.

All the drills you select will appear on your Training Sheet, so you can repeat them later if you want — just pick one and click on “Start Training.”

You may have five drills per training session.

Currently there are no limits to the number of training sessions you can make. The lower the condition of players, however, the less they will improve during the drill — and if their condition is below 20% they won’t improve during training. The optimal condition for training is between 100% and 50%.

If your team is delegated, it’s up to the manager to train the players. Training only lasts a few moments, after which you’ll have access to the Training Results.

On the left you can see the overall improvement of the group of players in that specific type of drill, in the three categories. You can also check how much each player has improved in each specific skill and their current condition. Next to the condition you’ll see the Form section, which will always be up because that feature is still not activated — we’ll let you know all the details when that has an impact in the game.

With training comes also the activation of aging. Keep in mind that one month in MetaSoccer is equivalent to one year in real life, so from the moment this feature is released, you have to start paying attention to the age of your players, remembering that they retire around the age of 38.

The improvement your players will have in each training depends on three factors: Condition: The higher it is, the more he will improve. Age: The older the player, the less he will improve. Current ability skill: The lower the ability, the faster it is to improve it.

Training Tokens

A training token is not a cryptocurrency or monetary token but an in-game asset that can be used to access different drills, which will greatly improve players.

It’s possible to acquire the training token in MetaSoccer — once you connect your wallet, you’ll see that next to $MSU and $MSC symbols and amounts, the training token symbol will appear.

The base price of 1 training token is 50 $MSC, and the minimum you can buy is 50. You can find better prices if you buy a higher amount.

You can also earn training tokens by playing PvP matches. The amount of training tokens earned will depend on the outcome of the match:

  • If you win, you will earn 4 training tokens.

  • In case of a tie, both teams will earn 2 training tokens.

  • If you lose, you won't earn any training tokens.

Please note that forfeited or canceled games won't count towards earning training tokens.

After you get some training tokens, you’ll be able to select paid drills in the Training section.

Special drills for all types of training — Attack, Defense and Mental & Physical — are divided into two types:

  • Drills with extra results, which randomly boost the skill improvements listed in the drill, giving your players an improvement of 50%.

  • Drills focused on some key abilities for certain specific roles, allowing the overall of these players to improve faster

You can see the cost per player of these special drills, as well as the skills they focus on and the added percentage of improvement the players will receive.

When the training session is over, you will have access to the training results as usual and you’ll certainly see a greater improvement in the players that have participated in special drills.

The introduction of the training token will reduce on-chain interactions, making it easier to access the feature in mobile devices.

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