Team Delegation / Scholarships

Delegating a team is similar to the creation of scholarships, which are common within the play-and-earn world, as they allow participants with multiple teams and guilds to delegate some of their NFTs for other people to play. This way, they ensure all their assets are being used to their fullest potential. It also allows people entrance into the metaverse who may not have the means to invest in a club of their own.

In order to delegate a team, a player must have at least two teams created: the default team “MSU”, which is not possible to delegate, and another one.

To make a delegation, users must go to the respective menu bar and select the team that is to be delegated.

To assign a team to another player, it's necessary to know their wallet and define the percentage of rewards that will be distributed to the new manager of the team — this value is up to the owner and the manager.

Once a team is delegated, the new manager will have access to it, however, it won’t appear on their Club section but instead on the Squad section. The manager can change the lineup and formation and participate in as many matches as desired. The value of rewards received will correspond to the previously agreed split.

Assigned teams can be differentiated by the purple symbol next to the name.

Team owners continue to have access to their teams in the Club section, so it is possible to add or remove players. Owners will also be able to see a report on their teams’ performance, including all matches played and respective results. The delegation can be canceled at any given point, and it has to be done by the owner.

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